Local Farms

Planet Health has partnered with several local farms to bring you fresh, pasture-raised, hormone & anti-biotic free chicken, eggs, pork, lamb and grass fed and finished meats. Raw goat milk and cheeses, local honey and sorghum are also available. We are very pleased to be able to offer you quality products from local small business farms. By purchasing their products your contributions helps to keep these farmers in business.

We thank you for supporting Planet Health and these local farmers!

Todd Geisert Farms from Washington, Missouri

Todd Geistert Farms offers naturally raised, growth hormones and anti-biotic free pork products. His famous Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Sausage links have been a favorite among the customers.


We currently carry the following items: Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Sausage Links, Breakfast Sausage Links-no seasoning, Breakfast Patties, Spicy Breakfast Sausage Links, Country Style Pork Sausage, Hot Polish Sausage, Nitrate Free Bacon, Plain Brats, Pork Burgers, Pork Chops, Pork Loins, and Potato Sausage. We also carry chicken feet and chicken bones

You may special order other items that he offers.

Check out his website at:www.toadspigs.com

Legacy Farms in Robertsville, Missouri

Legacy Farms brings the best, leanest and great tasting pasture raised, hormone & anti-biotic free, grass-fed and finished meats. Most cuts are available in store. Available by special order: half, split half and quarter cow at a discounted price. Please call the store for more details. Website: www.dryerfarms.com

Naked Bacon in St. Genevieve, Missouri


Naked Bacon offers pasture raised, sugar free, hormone & antibiotic free un-cured bacon. Made with all natural ingredients, dry cured by hand with no added water. Website: www.nakedbaconco.com

Fed From The Farm Poultry & Eggs from Condoria, Missouri

Fed From The Farm has pasture raised, no hormones or antibiotic, Non GMO poultry, chicken, turkey, eggs and lamb. His chickens are never grain-fed therefore the GMO feeds are not present in the poultry or the eggs.


These items are available: Whole Chicken, Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast, Chicken feet, Chicken bones, Chicken Liver and Hearts, Boneless Turkey Breast, Whole Turkey (seasonal, by orders only), Lamb Chops, Ground and Kabobs.

Three Spring Farms, LLC from Perryville, Missouri

Three Spring Farms provides 100% pasture raised, hormone & anti-biotic free, grass-fed and finished high quality meats. Their cattle are never grain fed so the meats are leaner and healthier for you. Website: www.threespringfarms.com

Meramec Bison Farm, Salem, Missouri

Meramec Bison Farm raises 100% grass fed bison without hormones & antibiotics.  They have100% grass fed-finished ground bison, bison burger patties, sausages and more.  Website: www.meramecbison.com

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